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Ambr finds inspiring content
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Ambr finds inspiring people and
content based on the things you're
passionate about. You can always
add or change passions later on.

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Follow the things you love.

Ambr finds inspiring content and people based on the things you are passionate about. All you need to do is list a few things you're currently into. The more specific they are, the more inspiring you’ll find Ambr.

Discover inspiration
that matters to you.

A wealth of information creates a poverty in attention. That’s why we believe it’s not about the amount of content you receive, but about its relevancy to you. Ambr suggests inspiring things, like a good movie or quote, which are tailored to your passions.

Inspire people who
share your passions.

It has never been easier to share your inspiration with like-minded people. Simply add a related topic or author to your posts on Ambr, and people who listed them as their passions will receive them.